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To provide a culture of creativityinnovation, and teamwork that serves to incubate the minds of the next generation of scientistsengineersresearchers, and inventors.


A generous gift from Gideon Searle, a Vanderbilt alumnus, has made available a distinctive opportunity to explore science at promising and exciting frontiers! The gift was made to support participation by any undergraduate student in research projects around campus by providing them with mentored immersion experiences in advanced scientific investigation with some of the University's leading research and teaching faculty. The program is directed by Assistant Professor of the Practice of Biomedical Engineering Christina Marasco under the leadership of John Wikswo, director of the Vanderbilt Institute for Integrative Biosystems Research and Education (VIIBRE).


To establish our program culture, we create a scaffold of high expectations coupled with a dynamic, fluid, and fun environment. The philosophy of the SyBBURE Searle program exists around a “maximum effort for maximum return” ideology. Through this year-round research experience, students develop and expand their skill sets, are encouraged to explore their passions and ideas, and receive personalized mentorship from their faculty research advisor, as well as the SyBBURE Searle team. 


Benefit to students and eligibility:

·       Year-round  research experiences  across campus

·       Community  of collaborative peers working together  

·       Individualized  mentorship  and career  development

·       Competitive summer and academic year  stipends

·       Unique opportunities  to develop student interests

·       Extensive training in  scientific communication




Any Vanderbilt Undergraduate
        regardless of their year,
           major, background,
              gender, ethnicity,
or interests*






*All undergraduate students at Vanderbilt are eligible to apply, regardless of their year, major, background, gender, ethnicity, or interests. We believe in bringing individuals with unique perspectives together to promote radical innovation. No prior research experience is necessary, and we also accept students that are already working within a research environment (providing their project qualifies). There are limited positions available.



As this is a year-round, long-term research experience, a high level of commitment is expected from students. During the summer, students engage in 10 weeks of full-time research and program activities, and, during the academic year, a commitment of about six hours a week is expected.


Financial Support:

During the academic year, we provide a stipend of $1000 to students for a roughly 6-hour commitment per week. The 10-week summer program provides a $6000 stipend. We also provide some support for supplies, CORES facility use for the student’s project, and student travel.



What our students are saying…

 Xavier Ryan Sam Budoff Orlando Hoilett Loi Hoang Kevin Qin Rachel Harvey P Gould J Greene P Diggins S Arndt L Black N Arinze A Skandarajah A Koivuniemi